To mitigate risk, one cannot hit the bullseye if one does not know the target.

We’ve cracked the code

The Game Changer

In conjunction with hand-picked, leading risk management service suppliers and the support of New Zealand’s leading Insurers, we have formed an innovative and totally unique Insurance Brokerage firm that we have named RISGON Ltd.

effective cooperation

Focus & Integration

RISGON brings a focus on the integration of Risk management and Insurance across your business. This innovative approach requires effective cooperation and complete transparency between the 4 key stakeholders being; the Client, RISGON, The Insurers and The Support Service Providers.

Results that hit the target

We are highly

focused on your goals.

RISGON Specialists drive the risk management strategy, guide our Clients and run checks and balances on the Support Service Providers as well as the Insurers. RISGON ensures that all parties are pulling the same rope in the same direction. Dramatic improvements in risk and claims reduction is our key role.

Let’s work together

Essentially all stakeholders have the same focus and ultimate objective on improving the business risk with resulting reductions in insurance premium. Regular communication throughout the year monitors progress, and generates input from all, and importantly, in addition to reduced insurance premiums, working in this manner we are able to significantly reduce traditional layers of cost in areas such as commissions, procurement costs, fees etc. and these benefits are passed on to clients overall costs.

The innovative and unique approach of the RISGON Model Insurers very enthusiastic and fully supportive in helping achieve our clients insurance goals.

Members of IBANZ

RISGON are members of IBANZ, operating within the required regulations, and hold Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of $50m.

Steadfast Group

As a member of the Steadfast Group , the largest general insurance broker network in Australasia, RISGON have a significant competitive advantage derived from Steadfast strategic partnerships with insurers and other unique service providers.

Experienced Risk Management & Insurance Professionals

Our team are a mixture of experienced risk management and insurance professionals with broad industry experience. All share a passion for working with clients to mitigate risks and contain costs.

Contact Us & Find Out More

To find out more about us, or to book a presentation, please contact us on the numbers below or alternatively email your details to and we will reach out to you.

Garry Bray

Risk & Insurance Director

+64 (0) 21 081 89329

Jim Wiles

National Risk Specialist

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